What is Time?

What is Time? If no one asks me I know what it is. However, if I wish to explain time to him who asks, I don’t know. —Augustine The funny thing about humans is that we often use words and employ concepts without really considering what these words represent, or questioning the concepts themselves. Why … Continue reading What is Time?


Identity, Affirmation, and Languages of Love

What is your “language of love”? This is not meant to be creepy or weird; humour me for a moment. According to Gary Chapman, there are basically five languages of love: 1) Acts of Service, 2) Quality Time, 3) Words of Affirmation, 4) Gifts, and 5) Touch. Most of us are geared toward one “language” … Continue reading Identity, Affirmation, and Languages of Love


Are you a people-watcher? I am. Whether it’s a good thing or not, it’s my "default mode" when I’m in a busy location, or around people I don't know well. Being an introvert, I don’t like talking much. So, instead of talking, I like to listen and observe others. Airports and busy malls and shopping … Continue reading Words


Last night, I was visiting with my best friend when we got on the subject of worth. Specifically, human worth. Our worth. This is not an easy subject. Probably the biggest lies I have ever believed are related to it. Deep down, I think it’s safe to say that we all want to have worth. The … Continue reading Worthless